1. “The Meaning of Parousia – New Jerusalem Day” by Adam Maarschalk

This article defines the Greek word “parousia” and discusses how it was used in the 1st century Roman world. It discusses the 24 times this word appears in the New Testament, including 16 times regarding Christ’s coming. Jesus and the apostles consistently said that His coming and other events of the last days would take place within their own generation. This article includes a study on the New Jerusalem, and it points out that “the parousia” and “New Jerusalem” go hand-in-hand because Jesus’ presence and His light now fill New Jerusalem, God’s new covenant community.

2. “Let’s Have a ‘Presence’ Party – Parousia Day! by Dr. Chuck Crisco

Dr. Chuck Crisco explains that we celebrate holidays in order to remember values/truths and to uncover treasures. He points out that Parousia Day “is a day we can look back on as the fulfillment of the promises Christ gave (Mt. 16:27-28), along with the hope of his increasing kingdom in the earth (Is. 9:7).” Dr. Crisco also offers several ideas for how to celebrate this holiday, and urges us not to turn it into any kind of a legalistic burden. “Celebrate,” he says, “and there will be little hidden treasures you will find in relationship with others, and knowing God more.”

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