Fulfilled Eschatology Songs

Here is a growing list of songs, representing various genres, which promote the message of fulfilled eschatology to one degree or another. [Disclaimer: The inclusion of a song or artist here does not necessarily indicate that they identify as a preterist.] Each song entry includes a link to an article (published at this site) with the lyrics, the artist’s biography, etc. Please feel free to suggest any other “fulfilled eschatology” songs that you know of, and please let us know if you come across any dead/broken links or unplayable videos in this list. All songs are listed by genre below:

  1. Worship
  2. Rap/R & B
  3. Rock/Metal
  4. Contemporary/Pop


“In the River” by Jesus Culture (see this link for the lyrics and the story behind this song):


Rap/R & B

“God’s Promises Fulfilled” by T.L. Mayle (see this link for the lyrics to her song and more):



“The Light” by Illuminandi (see this link for their bio and the lyrics to this song):


“Kingdom Now” by Slave’s Wage (see this link for a description of this song and its lyrics):

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