“The Light” by Illuminandi (Polish Band)

Song: “The Light
Artist: Illuminandi (Poland)
Album: The Beginning (2005)

Genre: Rock/Metal/Folk/Classical

“The Light” is a song by Illuminandi, a group from Poland, from their 2005 album “The Beginning.” Illuminandi’s style is described on their Facebook page as “Rock/Metal/Folk/Classical.” They further describe themselves as “a six-piece Polish band that performs a unique style of rock music in which heavy guitar riffs are as prominent as haunting cello and violin melodies.”  Here is “The Light” on YouTube, followed by the lyrics to this song, which are based on Isaiah 9:1-7:


The people walking in darkness
Have seen a great light;
On those living in the shadow
A light has dawned.

You’ve enlarged the nation
Increased their joy;
They rejoice before you
As people rejoice at the harvest
For you have shattered the yoke that burdens them,
The rod of their oppressor.

Because to us a child is born
A son is given to us.
And the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called

Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Of the increase of his government and peace
There will be no end
He’ll reign over his kingdom
Upholding it with justice and righteousness
From that time on and forever.


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