“Kingdom Now!” by Slaves Wage

Song: “Kingdom Now!”
Artist: Slaves Wage
Album: Wisdom’s Call (2015)
Genre: Metal

“Kingdom Now!” is the final track on Slaves Wage’s 2015 album, Wisdom’s Call. Slaves Wage is a Christian metal band from Arlington, Texas, and Wisdom’s Call is their third album. As vocalist Jeff Saenz explains on their website, the band’s name is based on Romans 1:1 and Titus 1:1 where the apostle Paul refers to himself as a servant of Christ. Jeff is a believer in fulfilled eschatology.

“Kingdom Now!” points out that many are looking around at negative things in this world and proclaiming that “the end times” are here, but that Jesus doesn’t agree because He promised to come back in the lifetime of His disciples. Instead, the kingdom of God is present in our midst right now. Here is the video to “Kingdom Now!” followed by the lyrics:


(vs. 1)
Falling stars, bloody moon
Darkened sun, burning sky
Earth quaking, mountains shaking
Blood, fire, hail and ice
The language of the end times
It’s at hand; can’t you see?
If so won’t someone tell me
Why Jesus don’t agree?

(vs. 2)
Nations are fighting nations
Lawlessness everywhere
Disease, death, war and hunger
False prophets are not rare
We’re living in the last days
Some would say, most vote “Aye”
If so won’t someone tell me
Why God’s word won’t comply?
(vs. 3)
Why do you seek the Living
Among the dead and gone?
Why do you wait for something
That has already come?
We’re living in the last days
Some would say, most vote “Aye”
But Jesus said He’d come back
Sometime in their lifetime!
Kingdom came!
Kingdom come!   
Kingdom now!
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